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Everyone is free to choose the defender of his or her rights

  ‡   27th October 2011   ‡   News

CONSTITUTION OF UKRAINE Article 59 Everyone has the right to legal assistance. Such assistance is provided free of charge in cases envisaged by law. Everyone is free to choose the defender of his or her rights. In Ukraine, the advocacy acts to ensure the right to a defence against accusation and to provide legal assistance in deciding cases in courts and other state bodies. Article 63 A person shall not bear responsibility for refusing to testify... 

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Foreign economic activity. Drafting of contracts

  ‡   23rd August 2011   ‡   Slider

Potential of the economy is growing. The legislation of the country improved and changed.         Economic-geographical position of Ukraine is quite advantageous to participate in international territorial division of labor. The main indicators of foreign trade turnover is, the structure of exports and imports, balance of trade, trade geography.     1. International trade 2. Lending and investment. 3. Scientific and technical cooperation 4.... 

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